Job Cost Reporting

  • Save Time

If you want all the details, you got ‘em

InstaBid can give you either a basic cost/profit break down or a detailed report, by listing every detail encompassing the job.

  • Cost reports make it easy to track job financial performance
  • Easy access to the data to input into your accounting software
  • Easy to track your margins and commission pay-outs

Saves Time
You know what they say, “assuming makes….what you thought was a profitable job, a losing job after paying out commissions, payroll and materials.” Or something along those lines 😉

InstaBid solves that problem by providing accurate job stats in an easy to find and understandable format. Know what you are making or where the problems are, for every job.

InstaBid can provide you with a detailed report for any job. This makes managing your business and performance a breeze.

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