Interactive Sales Presentation

  • Improve Sales
  • Improve Professionalism
  • Homeowner Experience

Show and tell for your homeowners

Presentation mode has to be seen to be fully appreciated. If you like to make presentations to your customers, InstaBid’s Presentation Mode will take your company to the next level.

  • Visual representation helps customers choose the right product
  • Gain a huge edge on your competition
  • Product comparison charts and information built in
  • Visual swatches for all shingle colors available in your region

Improve Sales
InstaBid can drastically improve sales closing ratios by engaging customers in an entertaining way. A visual journey through the product selection process will enable you to become a teacher to the homeowner, thus your credibility and recommendations become much more powerful. This will also, clearly separate you from your competition.

Improves Professionalism
With InstaBid’s Interactive Sales Presentation, your company will be well represented, whether your sales person is a newbie or a seasoned professional. Professionalism equates to trust and trust to equates to higher closing ratio’s at better margins.

Improves Customer Experience
No more drab and dry presentations. Homeowners will appreciate a visually engaging and educational presentation.

If you want to blow away your homeowners, InstaBid’s Interactive Sales Presentation is the fuel you need.

The Interactive Sales Presentation gives your homeowners a visual representation of every part of the roof. You can show them what the shingle and various roofing components look like as you interactively select products for their roof.

Homeowners can view high resolution photos of all regionally available shingle products. Available colors can be shown and selected right from the screen.

Some of InstaBid’s Interactive Sales Presentation features:

  • From permits to warranties, you can take your homeowner on a visual and educational journey
  • High resolution product photos and stylish illustrations
  • Visual swatch color selection
  • Comparison charts for products and warranties

A good presentation can take your sales and margins to the next level. With InstaBid’s Interactive Sales Presentation, you will literally look a cut above your competition.

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