Instant Pricing

  • Improve Sales
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism
  • Homeowner Experience

Price your jobs with confidence

For roofers who prefer to price their jobs at the office, InstaBid will save countless hours per month. InstaBid will also make pricing in the field a profitable and time saving reality.

  • Fast, comprehensive and accurate
  • Factors labor, material, workers compensation, and liability insurance
  • Instantly prices Good, Better, and Best options
  • Outperform competition with a faster bid turn time

Improves Sales
Quicker turn times, with the ability to price “in-home” and “ask for the sale” can lead to a double digit increase in closing ratios. InstaBid also gives you the ability instantly to provide a Good, Better, Best pricing option which can lead to up-selling, and higher margins.

Saves Time
No need to crunch numbers: factoring labor, material, insurances, taxes and profit margins – InstaBid does all of this for you, instantly!

Improves Professionalism
Builds trust and confidence by showing that your company has the competence to deliver a fast bid turn time and also price multiple products options on the spot.

Improves Customer Experience
Demonstrates that your company respects their customer’s time by instantly presenting a bid rather than make them wait weeks for a bid. InstaBid assists you in giving the homeowner the ability to price out multiple options in real time to determine what works within their budget.

Every roofer needs to measure, select roofing products, and calculate product cost and labor. But with InstaBid, your job cost calculations are completed instantly.

InstaBid’s calculations are comprehensive and accurate. In a split second InstaBid calculates:

  • All product cost including waste
  • All labor cost
  • Workmans compensation taxes
  • Taxes
  • Liability insurance
  • Sale price based on the margin you select

So, whether you price at the office or in the home of your customer, InstaBid will improve sales by shortening your turn time or by giving you the ability to close a deal in one trip. InstaBid will also improve your company’s professionalism and separate you from the competition by delivering your bid fast!

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