Instant Installer Notes

  • Improve Job Quality
  • Save Time

Clearly communicate job specifics

With a click of a button, InstaBid creates and allows you to print, PDF, or email specific job notes to the installer. And if that’s not cool enough, you can opt for job notes to be sent in English or Spanish.

  • Easy way to communicate job specifics with installers
  • Avoids mistakes and multiple trip to the job site
  • Keeps everybody on the same page
  • Provides technical installation tips for the installers

Saves Time
A lot can be lost in time and translation from the time the contract is signed until the actual start date. InstaBid keeps track of the pertinent details, from material install tips, to material install needs, to special circumstances agreed upon that are easily communicated quickly to the installers.

Improves Job Quality
By providing techinical tips and specific material needs and locations, each roofing job will get consistent attention to detail thus improving the quality of every installation.

Communicating job specifics to your installers takes time, and when you have several jobs going, or an install is a couple of months down the road, re-familiarizing yourself with the particulars can be time consuming.

With InstaBid’s automatically generated installer notes:

  • Your installation crew knows exactly what goes where
  • Some helpful technical notes may accompany products
  • Notes can be sent in English or in Spanish
  • Everybody is on the same page

Here are some job specific sample notes:

  • “Install 155 linear feet of CertainTeed 9-inch ridge vent on the ridge, and open up 130 linear feet for exhaust ventilation at the ridge.”
  • “Install, at minimum, a 42-inch strip of WinterGaurd HT directly to the deck, along all 150 linear feet of eave. Use a 6-inch horizontal side-lap and a 6-inch vertical end-lap.”
  • “Remove Satellite Dish and throw away.”

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