Instant Bid and Contract

  • Improve Sales
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism
  • Homeowner Experience

Present a custom branded and professional bid

When you are finished pricing the job, your custom branded bid or contract is instantly ready to print, PDF, or email to your customer. The bid or contract:

  • Dynamically populates all product selections
  • Imports your company’s contract
  • The roofing bid includes Good, Better, Best options with detailed descriptions
  • Displays warranty selection along with a helpful description of coverage

Improves Sales
Whether you email the bid or contract from your office or print it in the home of your homeowner, the timeliness and professional quality will improve sales by instilling confidence in your company and drastically separating your company from your competition.

Saves Time
Your bid and contract are instantly available once you complete your product selection.

Improves Professionalism
Take professionalism to the next level by delivering a bid that is customized to your brand, visually impressive and informative, all without any extra effort from you.

Improves Customer Experience
InstaBid provides your homeowner, with an itemized list of products, with specific details and information in an easy to understand format.

InstaBid can instantly create a custom branded bid with your company’s logo. The Bid is designed to market your company and inspire customer confidence. Your homeowners will appreciate the clear and comprehensive information.

The Bid features:

  • Your company’s logo and information
  • A complete list of products to be installed
  • A visual representation of the warranty option selected along with coverage descriptions
  • Optional Good, Better, Best shingle pricing along with product descriptions for each shingle

InstaBid can instantly output a contract for your job. You can upload your own contract or have our contractor support team upload it for you.

The ability to instantly print, PDF, or email not only saves time but improves sales by giving you the ability to “ask for the sale” on the first visit with a potential customer. Homeowners will take notice of the quality and presentation of your bid, gaining your company a huge edge against the competition.

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