Easy Set-up

  • Save Time

InstaBid comes ready to use

With InstaBid, you don’t need to worry about disrupting your business in order to implement new software. InstaBid comes ready to use and our amazing contractor support team is ready and eager to help.

  • Easy set-up, customize at your leisure
  • Accessible U.S. based contractor support
  • All products and pricing are pre-loaded by region
  • Intuitive interface. Learn it in minutes

Saves Time
InstaBid doesn’t require training courses, or extensive computer knowledge to implement. The software comes ready to use and can be further customized to your precise preferences at your leisure.

Here at InstaBid, we are obsessed with providing our contractors with a roofing software that:

  • is easy to use
  • offers features with real benefits
  • is easy to incorporate into your business
  • And offers the best contractor support both sides of the Mississippi

We are not here to change how you do business. We want to make the business you’re already doing, easier and more profitable.

Bottom line: InstaBid makes a contractors life easier, just by using it.

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