Deal Progress Tracking

  • Improve Sales
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism

Don’t let potential customers fall through the cracks

As an administrator you can see how many bids or contracts each user has issued, track leads, and follow closing ratios.

  • Real time alerts when a bid or contract is issued
  • Easily find out how long it’s been since a bid has been issued
  • Track closing ratio per sales person
  • Easily locate customers who need a follow-up call

Improves Sales
Helps insure that all homeowners receive the timely follow up.

Saves Time
All information is in one place, a quick glimpse into the status of all potential and current customers.

Improves Professionalism
Timely follow up shows the homeowner that their business is important to you, as opposed to not hearing anything for weeks. Another example of how InstaBid will give you an edge over your competition.

In the course of running a busy company, it’s easy to lose track of customers, sales performance and many other things.

InstaBid knows when any draft, bid, or contract has been issued, and by which sales person. Instabid then displays a list of customer names, dates, and issuances/signed contracts for each sales person. This is an easy way for sales personnel to keep track of potential business and to make sure homeowners do not get forgotten, thus leading to loss opportunities.

InstaBid also gives the company administrator a complete view of deal status. This includes real time alerts that notify you when a bid or contract has been issued or signed, and by which sales person.

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