Built-in Product Knowledge

  • Improve Sales
  • Improve Job Quality
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism

Learn as you sell

Sales personnel with good product knowledge builds credibility by showing homeowners that you know your stuff.

  • Is great for new sales personnel
  • Requires no research. Everything is in one place
  • Is a daily use product which continually educates and improves product knowledge

Improve Sales
Simply put, it has been proven that the more knowledge you have, the more you will sell.

Improves Job Quality
Knowing what components work best together and understanding warranty criteria will lead to a better quality roof every time.

Saves Time
InstaBid puts everything in one place eliminating the need to browse multiple brochures and websites.

Improves Professionalism
Equipping your sells personnel with InstaBid will enable them to answer homeowners questions without having to look it up or call into the office for assistance.

InstaBid’s built-in product training is great for new and seasoned sales personnel.

Built in training relieves the burden of company owners continuously having to train sales people. InstaBid provides access to all pertinent information in one, easy to find place.

Built in training includes:

  • Overview of all products and their purpose
  • Detailed comparisons
  • Detailed features list
  • Solaris reflectivity
  • StreakFighter algae resistance
  • Impact resistant technology
  • NFVA compliance
  • Extended warranty options

Your sales team’s knowledge and performance will grow continually without time consuming training classes.

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