Built-in Error Notification

  • Improve Job Quality
  • Save Time

Anyone can price your jobs.

InstaBid, will free your company from the “bottleneck” of the owner or manager pricing jobs. Additionally, InstaBid will only populate compatible products and will give clear notification when a job is out of CertainTeed’s installation specifications or warranty guidelines.

  • Instabid will automatically populate products that are compatible with the current shingle selection
  • InstaBid references hundreds of CertainTeed’s guidelines so you don’t have to.

Improves Job Quality
InstaBid assists everyone, regardless of product and warranty knowledge, to safely price any job. This will ensure the homeowner gets the best value and lasting protection for their money. It will also reduce future warranty claim issues.

Saves Time
InstaBid provides each sales personnel the proper notifications to properly price a roof without having to contact the company owner/manager for assistance. InstaBid’s built in error notification system saves you time and improves job quality by only populating compatible products.

Example #1
Once you select a shingle, only compatible hip and ridge, starter, and step flashing will be available for selection. Even more importantly, InstaBid algorithms will notify you if any of your selections are potentially out of “Spec”with CertainTeed’s product or warranty guidelines.

Example #2
If your homeowner chooses to purchase a 4 star warranty and waterproofing is not selected in the required areas, InstaBid will notify you that failing to select waterproofing in those areas may affect the extended warranty.

Example #3
If InstaBid detects a presidential shingle on a low slope without the required WinterGaurd, a notification will alert you of the potential problem.

It doesn’t get much easier than this!

With InstaBid’s error notifications, no matter who prices the job, you can rest assured, that not only has the job been priced accurately, but all components meet the manufacturers specifications.

Give your customers a perfect roof every time.

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