Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does powered by CertainTeed mean?

Answer: InstaBid is powered by CertainTeed products. As a strategic partner, we work together to provide you with the best software solution possible.

Question: Do I need to upload products before I can use InstaBid?

Answer: No. That would be ridiculous. InstaBid comes pre-loaded with CertainTeed products, and products that are compatible with CertainTeed products and warranty requirements.  CertainTeed product availability will populate based on your regional selection (your CertainTeed sales rep can inform you of what region you are in, if you are unsure).

Question: Do I need to upload prices for each product?

Answer: No. InstaBid is ready to use with product pricing base on regional averages. When you have a chance, you can modify or customized the pricing to your specific vendor pricing to reflect a more precise material cost.

Question: Can I set my own labor prices?

Answer: Yes. However, InstaBid comes pre-loaded with nationally averaged labor prices that can be customized at your convenience. You can easily review and adjust when and if you choose.

Question: How many users are included in the monthly price of InstaBid?

Answer: All subscriptions to InstaBid Roofing Software include two users. If your company requires more, each additional user is $50/month.

Question: Can I upload my logo or contract?

Answer: Yes, you can upload both your logo and your contract. If you have any trouble, our Contractor Support staff is standing by to assist you in uploading either or both for you, or with you.

Question: How do I cancel the free trial?

Answer: Simply contact our Contractor Support staff and they will assist you in terminating our free trial, no pressure.

Question: Does InstaBid offer U.S. based support?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I need a WiFi connection to use InstaBid?

Answer: Yes, you will need WiFi if you are using Apple or Android devices or you can use your cell phone as a hotspot. InstaBid can be used via any web browser.

Question: What type of devices does InstaBid work on?

Answer: InstaBid will work on virtually all computer based devices: desk tops, iPads, tablets, laptops, even cell phones (not that your phone will be ideal), anything that can connect to the internet.

Question: Do I need a special printer to print out a bid or contract?

Answer: No. You can use any printer that is compatible with your device of choice.