About Us

InstaBid was established in 2015 by James Pastore after he realized that many of the contractors he worked with had so many responsibilities: so much to do, and so little time. After looking for a solution, he quickly found that available roofing software programs were either way too complicated and burdensome to implement, or simply lacked key features. Other non-software solutions available were live trainings, books on marketing, sales training kits, etc. Most contractors didn’t have time to study these types of materials and implement complicated and new processes, they just wanted to run their businesses.

With his extensive background in sales and marketing, James set out to create roofing software that offered features that would really help contractors manage and improve their businesses. The criteria he set for himself was to develop a software that would painlessly relieve a contractor’s burden in several key areas: Improving sales, saving time by removing or shortening tasks, providing product knowledge training, improving professionalism and improving job quality, all while being easy to use and implement into one’s business. No studying needed.

One year later, InstaBid was born. Contractors that used the beta version saw drastically improved sales, expanded their businesses, and in one case, it literally saved over 80 hours per month (yes, literally!). Other contractors weren’t necessarily focused on expanding their businesses, but focused rather on spending more time with their families. InstaBid helped with that, too.

With all the rave reviews, James believed the next step was to seek out a strategic partner which paralleled InstaBid’s values and obsession with helping roofing contractors succeed, offering quality products, and top tier support. Enter CertainTeed. After presenting InstaBid to CertainTeed, they felt that InstaBid was not only revolutionary, but would be a great strategic partner and a huge benefit to their contractors.

InstaBid is proud to have a strategic partner of the caliber of CertainTeed. We look forward to continually offering improvements that truly help you.. our valued contractors.