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Improve sales. Save time. For real. Let us prove it with our FREE 30 day trial…

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Instant Pricing

  • Improve Sales
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism
  • Homeowner Experience

Price your jobs with confidence

For roofers who prefer to price their jobs at the office, InstaBid will save countless hours per month. InstaBid will also make pricing in the field a profitable and time saving reality.

  • Fast, comprehensive and accurate
  • Factors labor, material, workers compensation, and liability insurance
  • Instantly prices Good, Better, and Best options
  • Outperform competition with a faster bid turn time

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Instant Bid and Contract

  • Improve Sales
  • Save Time
  • Improve Professionalism
  • Homeowner Experience

Present a custom branded and professional bid

When you are finished pricing the job, your custom branded bid or contract is instantly ready to print, PDF, or email to your customer. The bid or contract:

  • Dynamically populates all product selections
  • Imports your company’s contract
  • The roofing bid includes Good, Better, Best options with detailed descriptions
  • Displays warranty selection along with a helpful description of coverage

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Built-In Error Notification

  • Improve Job Quality
  • Save Time

Anyone can price your jobs.

InstaBid, will free your company from the “bottleneck” of the owner or manager pricing jobs. Additionally, InstaBid will only populate compatible products and will give clear notification when a job is out of CertainTeed’s installation specifications or warranty guidelines.

  • Instabid will automatically populate products that are compatible with the current shingle selection
  • InstaBid references hundreds of CertainTeed’s guidelines so you don’t have to

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Let InstaBid do the heavy lifting


All task lead to the Owner/Manager

Confidence and Convenience…

Whether you are a small or large roofing company, many task fall on the owner or manager. Owners train their sales personnel, price jobs, create bids, field sales team questions, communicate with installers, and track leads. All this can be overwhelming and distracting, thus leading many companies to poor follow up and slow job bid turn times.

Let InstaBid:

  • Train sales personnel – InstaBid’s Built in product training will make experts out of your sales team
  • Field question from sales – InstaBid’s error notification and regional product availability handles this for you
  • Price Jobs – With InstaBid you can confidently let sales price their own deal without supervision
  • Field Installer questions – InstaBid installer notes (English and Spanish) easily communicates job requirements
  • Track leads – InstaBid makes it easy to track deal progress. insuring that deals don’t fall through the cracks


All task lead to InstaBid

Improve sales. Save time. For real. Let us prove it with our FREE 30 day trial…

30 Day Free Trial

How Does InstaBid Help Me Save Time?

For this example let say you close 6 jobs a month at a 20% close ratio.
You would be pricing 30 jobs per month.


How Does InstaBid Help Me Improve Sales?


Quicker turn times, with the ability to price “in-home” and “ask for the sale” can lead to a double digit increase in your closing ratio. InstaBid also gives you the ability to instantly provide a Good, Better, Best pricing option that can lead to up-selling, and higher margins.


Whether you are emailing the bid or contract from the office or printing it “in home” with your homeowner, the timeliness and professional quality can improve sales by instilling confidence in your company and drastically separating your company from your competition.


Simply put, it has been proven that the more knowledge you have, the more you will sell.


InstaBid can drastically improve sales closing ratios by engaging customers in an entertaining way. A visual journey through the product selection process will enable you to become a teacher to the homeowner, thus your credibility and recommendations become much more powerful. This will also, clearly separate you from your competition.


InstaBid knows when any draft, bid, or contract has been issued, and by which sales person. This information gives sales an easy way to keep track of potential business and to make sure homeowners do not get forgotten, thus leading to loss opportunities.

Improve sales. Save time. For real. Let us prove it with our FREE 30 day trial…

30 Day Free Trial